Shawty Lo’s new reality show, All My Babies’ Mamas, has yet to receive an airdate and already the show has garnered a tremendous amount of negative criticism. So much so that according to MTV News a petition has been created calling for the cancellation of Shawty Lo’s show which is expected to air on Oxygen sometime next year.

The petition, created by Sabrina Lamb, calls for the cancellation of All My Babies’ Mamas and also “all programming which demeans black children, girls/women and stereotypes black men.”

Created last week via, the petition is roughly 150 signatures short of its goal of 2,500 signatures and is fast approaching that mark.

News of the former D4L member’s reality show debut came last week via a pilot video and an official press release from Oxygen. The pilot video for All My Babies’ Mamas has since been removed.

According to Oxygen, the show will depict “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children.”

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