T.I. has revealed plans to release a sequel to his upcoming album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, releasing on December 18th.

During an interview with Rap-Up.com, Tip said that he’s going to take unused material from Heavy is the Head and arrange it into a new album titled Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown.

“Well, I had so much music man. I recorded like 120-something songs for this project, and I imagined that, you know, if just giving the amount of music that we had left over that we weren’t able to put on this project, that we’d do a sequel. So, you know, the sequel to this album will be He Who Wears the Crown. That’s the primary reason for the subtitle. That’s the purpose of the sequel, so we’ll have a platform to display and release these songs.”

Watch the interview below, where he also speaks on collaborating with P!nk for “Guns and Roses” and Andre 3000 for “Sorry.”

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