50 Cent and French Monana have only recently been sparring on Twitter and in interviews, but their relationship has deep roots. During an interview with Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the G-Unit honcho said that his situation with French is “not beef” and that he’s using Fif as a shill for publicity.

But he shed some light on moves that French made earlier in his career, stating that he’s the one who sold out DJ Khaled by getting him to hand over his personal information. 50 had released a video of Khaled’s mother back in 2009, a tape that he says “the DVD guy” gave to him.

“It’s interesting though because Khaled, when I got into it with Rick Ross and Khaled, I saw Khaled at the BET Awards when that happened. But I don’t remember actually seeing Rick Ross that sparked his interest or the things he said on his records to start. But I think that’s a part of Hip Hop, where a new artist attaches to an established artist in order to generate the interest he’s already developed,” he said. “So when that happened, I didn’t know who Rick Ross was so I had to take a look. I usually do my homework, I find somebody who knows somebody or something. Give me some information like ‘Who is he?’ Frenchie, they got me the tape. They got me the tape of his mother’s house, where his mom’s work at, the other cribs, the studio… All of it. Where they’re staying in Atlanta… All of it. I ain’t takin’ no Ls. You trust me to do something, I’m gon’ do it live baby. I’m not going to hide it.”

He also addressed his Game and Young Buck diss on his new single “My Life,” stating that the record was actually laid to wax two years ago. He said that he has “no malice in my heart” towards Chuck Taylor, but that Buck ethered his own career.

“In Game’s case, there is absolutely no malice in my heart towards him. I’d like to see him do whatever he can do at this point. And Buck, I think that’s over, I think that’s done. I think his career is finished. It’s because his temperament, right now he’s in jail but knowing who he is the entire time he’s been around, I don’t know if he has what it takes to recover.”

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