Last week, Saigon made headlines when he said that he would like to punch Rick Ross and 2 Chainz in their faces over the questionable content of their music. Now, XXL reports that the New York rhymer has recanted his controversial statements.

Saigiddy took to his Facebook to publicly repudiate his earlier statements, saying that he was actively attempting to ruffle fans’ feathers. Still, he doesn’t take back anything that he said about the content of their lyrics, only that he doesn’t actually want to cause either artist physical harm.

“I say them things on purpose,” he wrote. “If U notice I say people names at the end of the interview.In my mind Im thinking I just dropped a deep interview but I have to say some super ignorant shit to bring people to even watch it so I said a name or 2… I just been doing this for a while and I understand how the Hip Hop media works..I hope those 2 guys understand it was simply a strategy and not personal at all.. Though I DONT agree with their content. I do not want to cause them any harm or see them harmed.”

Sai also took to his Twitter, echoing his earlier statement that the comments weren’t meant to be taken seriously.

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