From his tattoos to his recent armed robbery charges, it seems like Gunplay has managed to make as many headlines off his controversial antics as he has his music. Now, in an interview with The Combat Jack Show via Nah Right, the MMG rapper speaks on his less-than-PC rap name.

Gunplay said he isn’t concerned with whether his rap moniker will raise the ire of white America; he feels that his music and personality will prevail. He added that he falls into the same category as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and believes that white fans will still gravitate towards his music despite any controversy.

“I don’t make music for [white America] – but me, man, if they want it, they gonna get it,” he said. “Once they get used to me and knowing who I am and my character, if I say fart-fart, shit-shit, fuck-fuck, piss-piss on a record, they’re going to like it because they’re into the Gunplay character. I’m talking about white America, not your real hardcore fans, but your white America. Once you’re hot, you’re hot, then they gravitate to you like ODB. He was a wild nigga, he got hot, crackers loved him still. He ain’t sit there and put on tight jeans, he ain’t start singing on a record to get in white America, and white America loved him. He was himself, he did him and I’m doing me.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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