Last month, Atlanta rapper B.o.B announced that he would be releasing a new free mixtape this November 15 titled Fuck Em We Ball. Now, in a recent Ustream message to his fans via Rap Radar, the Grand Hustle emcee previews the single off his upcoming project.

B.o.B gave fans and exclusive listen at the first single off his impending Fuck Em We Ball project, titled “Dynamite.” Although little is known about the song’s credits, the track features Bobby Ray on both the hook and verses, and includes a sample of Adrian Younge’s theme song from the film Black Dynamite.

“That’s the new song off the mixtape Fuck Em We Ball called ‘Dynamite,'” he said. “Make sure y’all tell everybody about it. If they missed it, too bad – they’ve got to wait until November 15 to get the music. Make sure y’all let the word be heard – the campaign is Fuck Em We Ball, team B.o.B stand up…shouts out to everybody who’s been riding with me since day one. I’m telling you, we’re taking over the city this year, man. I’m gone, my name is B.o.B, I approve this message.”

Cbeck out the preview below.

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