With less than a week left before the polls for the 2012 Presidential election open, underground Hip Hop veteran Immortal Technique is making sure he gives his two cents on the issues. Now, in a recent interview with The Well Versed, Tech gives his take on President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney’s respective campaigns.

While Tech openly admitted that he has some serious misgivings about President Obama and many of his policies regarding the military and immigration, he believes that Obama is the lesser of two evils. He explained that he believes Mitt Romney’s policies will be more deleterious to the American public than Obama’s policies, but that doesn’t mean he at all endorses the President’s bid for re-election.

“People can tell me all day that Obama is a war president. He’s an individual who’s violated human rights of other people with drone strikes and what not, that he deported more people than [George W.] Bush, which is true, all these things are potentially true, but at the same time, do I think that Mitt Romney is going to be the solution to that problem?” he said. “Do I think in any way shape or form, that it would be logical for black and Latino people to vote for someone like that? Or even white Americans who are looking to advance themselves in middle class and working class America. No. That doesn’t mean that I think Barack Obama is a savior or that I’m campaigning or even voting for him. Don’t tell me simply because the food in front of me is rotten that the shit you got in the trunk of your car is better.”

He added, “I digress from that by saying that traditionally in Hip Hop, we’ve had a very political culture that’s always been associated with questioning what people tell us is unquestionable. Only because the hypocrisy [of] what we’re told we can question and what we can’t question or what we remember and what we’re told not remember.”

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