Back in August, Busta Rhymes surprised his fans by linking up with Gucci Mane for the song “Make It Look Easy” off his Year of the Dragon album. Now, in a recent editorial for SOHH, Bussa Bus explains his decision to collaborate with the Atlanta emcee.

Busta recalled that after having seen many New York artists jump on Southern-style productions in the past years, he wanted to flip the script and make a Southern rapper tackle an East Coast beat. With that concept in mind, Busta immediately looked to Gucci to join him on the record.

“My thing is we’ve heard a lot of artists jump on Southern productions and I thought it would be interesting if we have a South artist jump on a classic New York production,” he explained. “Gucci Mane is a dope motherfucker to me. I can speak from a personal experience because I’ve seen the brother work in the studio. I’ve seen how hard he works and you can go to a Gucci Mane concert and see how talented this artist is. Getting with Gucci fit with what I was trying to do with this record. I wanted to hear him rock on a record like that. I felt it would be something that’s interesting, entertaining and intelligent for us at the same time because that’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to challenge each other to bring out the best in each other.”

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