Hip Hop artists are threatening to retire on a bi-weekly basis nowadays, citing new interests or a general disenchantment with the game.

SpaceGhostPurrp apparently falls into the latter category, as the rapper and producer took to his Facebook page to make the announcement.

“Just want [sic] yall to know that threw these past 3 years from making music 4 yall i had fun mynigga,” wrote Purrp. “i had a good year this year and showed niggas i can still be successful by myself since the beginning it was good to see alot of celebs be on my wave this year it was cool as fuck[.]”

Despite a positive start to the message, SpaceGhostPurrp quickly explained that he was no longer interested in the Hip Hop game. “i wont be doing this shit no more i learned alot about this shady ass rap game .. its like monkey see monkey do .. and im not that type of dude[.]”

The emcee and producer went on to big up his crew and explain that he just wanted to retain his identity. “i never wanted be the perfect lyricist or best beat maker i wanted to be me and ima still be me .. just not in the shady ass rap shit … im to real for it and when i say real im to ME … not nobody else ..im done…GET READY FOR MY KLAN TO TAKE OVER[.]”

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