Last month, 1017 Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame stunned fans when he announced that he was planning to retire from the rap game. Now, the Atlanta rapper elaborates to MTV’s Mixtape Daily on his plans to quit the industry and what he plans to do post-retirement.

According to the Flockavelli rapper, he wants to quit the industry aspect of the music game and focus entirely on his music. He says that he wants sidestep the politics of the rap game and focus on his artistic pursuits, even addinh that he hopes to use his music to help the youth.

“Nah, I am gonna retire. I’m gonna retire from the industry,” he said. “I’m not gonna kick it in the industry no more. I’m gonna do what I wanna do, how I started like from the beginning. I’m gonna do exactly what I wanna do. I don’t expect to win awards, I don’t expect to go to big venues. I’m gonna really help the youth — this is what I started doin’ it for, so I’m gonna finish doin’ it.”

Benjamin Flocka also spoke on his recent collaborative LP Ferrari Boyz with Brick Squad partner Gucci Mane. He explained that he and Gucci aimed to give fans the raucous sound that they crafted on songs like Waka’s “Hard in Da Paint.”

“Man, we just came to smash the game [with Ferrari Boyz] — point blank, period,” he said. “They chasin’ our sound, folks’ singles is on our sound, and we might as well just go ‘head and give it all to ’em.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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