Lil B is known for stirring up controversy with his music and videos, and now, he’s planning on taking his talents elsewhere.

The Based God took to Twitter to announce that he’ll be trying out for the Golden State Warriors next month. “I wanna let you know ima be trying out for the nba golden state warriors in october lets stay #based and positive,” he wrote.

It’s unclear if the Pack member will follow through, but he’s delivered on promises before. Last year, he announced that his album would be titled I’m Gay, evoking backlash and even death threats. He stayed true to his word, dropping the LP as I’m Gay (I’m Happy) in June 2011.

[September 28]

UPDATE: Staying true to his word, Lil’ B tried out for the Golden State Warriors this past weekend. Check out a video of the Based God shooting hoops below.

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