Nas is currently facing a lawsuit from a concert promoter who was detained in Angola for 49 days earlier this year after the rapper failed to show up for a series of New Year’s Eve performances.

According to, Patrick Allocco, CEO of Allgood Entertainment, and his son were held captive in Luanda on fraud charges after Esco bailed on several shows. He eventually paid back the $300,000 that an Angolan promoter had delivered to Nas through Allocco.

Now, Allocco plans to file suit against Nas in the next 30 days for breach of contract and damages, according to his attorney Bill Meeker. “[Allocco] was basically financially ruined by the whole thing,” he said, noting that the promoter depleted his savings trying to survive in Angola and is now unable to revive his business. His son was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the ordeal.

“The fallout for us has been almost devastating,” Allocco said. “We cannot climb out. We can’t get out of the situation we’re in.”

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