In attempt to help in putting their differences to an end, The Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan is speaking to both 50 Cent and Ja Rule. This past Thursday Ja Rule met with Farrakhan on The Nation of Islam’s farm.

Their conversation will actually be broadcast simultaneously on 85 different urban Clear Channel stations across the country. Apparently, it was BET’s Big Tigga who was originally scheduled to do the interview, but sources said that Farrakhan was chosen at the request of Irv Gotti. On Thursday, Farrakhan also had a brief talk with 50 Cent and will have an in depth one on one meeting in the near future.

“The reeducation of the public, which is the duty of all in leadership, will cause us to make demands on our artists, their managers, promoters and the owners of the recording, movie and television industries so that the public will be fed a better diet spiritually and mentally, as well as musically and artistically,” Farrakhan said in January.