Despite respectable commercial and critical appeal, as well as featuring one of the biggest singles of the year in “Dance (A$$),” Big Sean doesn’t love his debut album Finally Famous.

“I ain’t really like it that much,” said Sean in an interview with “On the first album I wasn’t really in love with every single one. I just think it was a timing thing, I just started getting into the groove I was starting to feel comfortable right when it was due. Really when it was past due, and it kind of fucked me up.”

Sean doesn’t appear to be dwelling on the matter, as he appreciated lessons learned from the first go-round. “You live and you learn and I’m glad it went like that. I’m glad my first album was the way it was and I’m glad the second album is the way it is shaping up to be.”

The Detroit rapper explained that his sophomore release would similarly feature songs for the radio. “I think my first album had a lot of radio songs on it and that is an important part of things and it is a necessity you have to establish. At least radio knows me now as a presence and now they’d be willing to take more chances on me and that’s what this second album is. It’s all about taking chances. [The second album’s] a little bit more personal and making some new shit for the radio instead of trying to go for something else.”

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