For Charles Hamilton, it seems the past few years have not been too smooth. The rapper was arrested and dropped from his label. Prior to that, he had attached a buzz to his name with mixtapes and song leaks but since then, he has faced criticism. Recently, Hamilton spoke about the last few years with MTV to discuss his arrest and the music industry.

Regarding his criticism, Hamilton explained that he understands what his detractors and others are saying. He also complained that he has been criticized too harshly, especially since he said he has released music for free. 

“A lot of people been saying ‘Charles needs to get it together,’ but they don’t know what together is for me, so I’ve been half taking advice and half rebelling against advice in general,” he said. “When I was incarcerated, my songs got a little more aggressive, but after I did some time and came back to NYC, I was a little upset at my fans because they were saying some pretty harsh things about me when I was locked up…This is not how you should approach somebody who’s been showing you guys free love.”

Reports on his arrest indicate that he was aggressive at an Ohio bar when the police tried to calm him down. On his arrest, Hamilton said he was “standing up for women.”  

“[People] were blaming insanity … because certain details didn’t hit the surface, but it had nothing to do with drugs, it had nothing to do with alcohol, it was about me standing up for women, once again,” he added. “What was really going on at the time was the reason why I was yelling and screaming and I lashed out…It has to do with women’s rights.”

During the interview, Hamilton also discussed his time trying to get off of Interscope and vowed to only sign another contract under “very specific” terms and agreements. 

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