As of yesterday (August 14), it appears that a new party has found its way into Hip-Hop newcomer Azealia Banks and Harlem rapper Jim Jones’ newfound beef. Adding himself to the spat between the two rappers is HOT97 on-air personality Funkmaster Flex who defended Jones on The Funk Flex Show and also added that Banks was wrong for calling out the rapper on her record “Succubi.”

Banks eventually got word of Flex’s on-air comments and immediately turned to her Twitter account to call out both Flex and Jones.

“@funkmasterflex Tell that nigga Jim to defend himself…You stay out of it and have yourself a glass of fat free water,” Banks Tweeted.

The femcee went on to refer to Flex as an “old dusty fat fuck” and “a butch queen” before denying the deejay’s attempts to have her call into the station so the two could talk out their differences.

“@funkmasterflex You can call my pussy and I can squirt in your face niggahhhh,” the rapper added.

Funkmaster Flex remained relatively quiet throughout the pairs Twitter quarrel, but oddly enough ReTweeted several fan Tweets that seemed to defend the rapper.

“@funkmasterflex you do only pick on women tho,” said Twitter user Boggerson in a Tweet that Flex posted on his timeline.

Flex joins a growing list of entertainers Banks has quarreled with which also includes Iggy Azalea, Kreayshawn, and T.I.

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