In a wacky though informative interview with i am OTHER’s Nardwuar, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz loosened up a bit as he spoke on everything from his notorious Tupac mention on “No Lie” to his passion for real estate.

While 2 Chainz has caught quite a lot of criticism for a line on “No Lie” in which he refers to himself as “Tupac without a nose ring,” the rapper revealed to Nardwuar that the goal wasn’t to compare himself to Tupac. Instead, the former Playaz Circle member explained that he was merely comparing his work ethic to that of the rappers.

“This is one of my favorite artists of all time. I never wanted to compare myself to being like Pac. I just want to compare my work ethic to how much he grinded out,” said 2 Chainz in a video posted on

The interview with Nardwuar slightly switched gears as 2 Chainz was questioned about his passion for real estate. He went on to speak on the various properties he owns and even gave a little advice to landlords.

“Yes, I enjoy real estate. I own four properties. I bought my mama’s house last Mother’s Day,” the rapper explained. “I just recently paid off my current house…Well, first I do a great job of interviewing the tenant before I just let ‘em move in and I kind of get a gist of what they’re gonna be like staying in the crib. You don’t want them to tear up anything or ruin the property, but if it ever comes to a point you just have to figure out a way to do it. It’s a law abiding way to go about doing it and I would just do it like that.”

2 Chainz’ debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story dropped today (August 14) via Def Jam.

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