The year has been dominated by 2 Chainz’s presence. His work on several guest spots has allowed him to build a buzz. Now, the emcee who reinvented himself can celebrate the release of his new album. In celebration, Chainz stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to discuss his life, his goals and his mom. While there, a few friends surprised him, including Scarface

“I enjoyed gym. I was able to go to Burger King during gym,” 2 Chainz said, when asked about what subjects he enjoyed most in school. “I enjoyed math.”

Another question posed by the show dealt with his goals for the rest of the year. 

“One of the goals is putting out an album, which comes out tomorrow,” he shared. “The next goal is for the album to be successful.”

A topic that came up was one about the Illuminati. Chainz explained that rumors of his involvement with the secret society stemmed from an edited interview, which has since been removed, where he joked about being part of the Illuminati. 

“I know I work hard and I believe in God,” he said of the rumor, after noting that his mom called to ask about it. “So, when my mom called, I said, ‘You know better than that, mom!'” 

While other surprised him, it was Scarface that made the last appearance, sharing his joy for the emcee’s success.

“I used to listen to Chainz when he was with DPT…I’m proud of this kid,” ‘Face explained. “We talk all the time. We have heart-to-hearts.”

More from the interview can be seen below, via BET.

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