Earl Sweatshirt has revealed the features and contributions to his upcoming album, which will be released on his own label through Sony Records.

Detailing the project on Twitter, the Odd Future member enlists Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Ommas Keith, Thundercat, Domo Genesis, The Neptunes, Christian Rich, Vince Staples, BBNG, Pharrell Williams, Samiyam, Alchemist, Casey Veggies and The Internet (Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians).

He also said that the new LP will most likely alienate fans who gravitated towards certain songs on his previous release Earl. Earl explained that he isn’t making music for anyone but himself, and that it will convey “progression.”

“You wanna know why im not in europe with the squad? Im finishing this album. Im just trying to make pretty music. Everyone whose favorite song off EARL was epar or whatever might be pretty bummed. Everyone with 666 or KTA or some sort of stupid hashtag like ‘hey look im crazy’ in their bio might be pretty bummed too. I anticipate a loss of fans. I also anticipate gaining some. So. You know. Yeah. I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me cause i rapped about raping girls when i was 15. I fucking love how it sounds. And uhh. Thats what matters. Im gonna go out on a limb and say that you can hear the progression.”

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