While producer/rapper Pharrell Williams may be at work with fellow artist Jay-Z the specifics remain scarce because when asked by Rap-Up.com if he’s working on anything with Jay-Z, Pharrell simply revealed that he’s “sworn to secrecy.”

Although Pharrell remained tight-lipped while speaking on his work with Jay-Z he did speak a little more in-depth on the other artists he’s working with including i am OTHER artist Leah LaBelle.

“She’s incredible. Like we couldn’t believe it. And when we chased it down and finally talked it was like cool. And she sings her ass off,” said Pharrell.

Pharrell then went on to rattle off the names of artists he’s been working with this year. He also revealed that he’s working a lot more with fellow The Neptunes partner Chad Hugo.

“Well the new Leah album, Leah LaBelle. New Mac Miller, Pink Slime. Chad and I have been doing a whole lot of work together,” Pharrell explained. “New Miguel, new Jay, new Usher, new Scissor Sisters. Mary song’s crazy too. Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross.”

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