It seems Meek Mill hasn’t been impressed by too many emcees of late. According to Mill, he feels many rappers “have been shying away from the real rapping in Hip Hop.” This is what he explained in a recent interview, where he was also asked to list his top emcees. 

“I ain’t gonna say no order but it’s Biggie [Notorious B.I.G.], Tupac, Jay-Z…I’d say Nas and Lil Wayne maybe? Yeah, Lil Wayne,” he shared with Wild 94.9

Meek was also asked to name his favorite album.  

“My favorite album? Jay-Z’s [Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life]. That’s the first album I ever had.” 

Inspired by this album and others, Meek also shared what his goals are for his own release. According to him, he is striving to release a classic album. 

“A lot of people have been shying away from the real rapping in Hip Hop. I’m really representing,” he added. “When I come out with my album, I want to have a classical album, a Illmatic, a Hard Knock Life…a Get Rich or Die Tryin’ type of Hip Hop album.” 

More from the interview can be seen below: 

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