West Coast veteran DJ Quik recently took some time to talk with CamCaponeNews about the new crop of emcees from around his way making noise. During the interview, Quik named Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Buddy, Game and more as some of his favorite new rappers, explaining that he was ahead of the curve in knowing a few before they popped off.

“I like Odd Future. Tyler, The Creator, Earl… it’s a wild little movement. I like it. Again, Problem, a great songwriter from Compton. Dom Kennedy, again… Jay Rock, the Black Hippys. Jay Rock introduced me to Kendrick Lamar, maybe three, four years ago, 2007. I put Kendrick Lamar on an EA Sports game. I knew he was going to be bigger. I’m glad Dr. Dre took to him like he did. He deserves it. Game is still relevant to me. A$AP Rocky… They know what they’re doing. They’re not copying no one, they’re taking it in their own direction. Buddy, Pharrell Williams Star Trak, Buddy.”

He also said that he would never get in the way of their success or bad mouth them. Quik explained that he recognizes the need for older emcees to let the younger generation rock. “You got to give ‘em the platform. Who am I to stand in the way and do it? You gotta let the kids have it. There are no second shows in American culture. Hit it, beat it. Move to the next. That’s how it works.”

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