Last week, Lupe Fiasco made comments that “97 percent of Hip Hop is terrible,” explaining that the substance of mainstream music isn’t of quality. During an interview with “Windy City Live” (via FSD), the Chicago, Illinois native elaborated on his comments, stating that the culture is technically at a high point but the messages in the music are subpar.

“I think the substance of it. I think technically, it’s great. The music is as well-produced as it’s ever been, videos are as polished, the chains are as clean, the models are as beautiful as they’ve ever been… But then you get into the substance of the records. The majority of commercial Hip Hop – most of what everybody sees is commercial Hip Hop – is lacking substance. Terribly.”

The outspoken rapper explained what it would take for Hip Hop to get back to a good place. He said that there are few artists who are willing to address the problems in Hip Hop but the problems have become the norm.

“I think there should be a balance. On the radio, you turn it on and every other record is referring that bitch, that negative lifestyle. There’s a premium kind of put on the things that are somewhat whimsical but at the same time dangerous. It’s funny. Over the past 10 years, the things in Hip Hop that we’ve allowed to become the norm. It’s kind of taboo at a certain point to address a certain issue. And the artists that did it, people like Eminem, you knew they were all through the roof because it was so exotic and so through the roof.”

Watch the full interview below.

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