The promotional tour for Lupe Fiasco continues. The Chicagoan recently visited The Breakfast Club and spoke out about the state of Hip Hop. When asked about rappers in the game like 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and others, he explained that he feels “97% of Hip Hop is terrible.” The emcee also spoke on his label situation, adding that he is “definitely going indie.” 

“We’re coming toward the end of our relationship so it’s like a going away party,” he said of his last albums on a major. “After this album, I got one [album] left. So, it’s all good for now. They give me my room. I’m definitely not going back into the majors. I’m definitely going indie when we’re done.”

Fans can also expect six singles from this album, according to Lupe, who says it will be treated differently than his last project.

“It was never meant to be a big radio kind of record, kind of like Lasers was with big radio records,” he shared. “This is more like a core Hip Hop joint so we have room to throw six records out.”

Later in the interview, Fiasco was asked about the likes of 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. While he said that Slaughterhouse and Drake were good, he went on to say that “97% of Hip Hop is terrible.”

“I came from a different school. I came from Canibus, Eminem. To me, that’s up here,” he said, raising his hand. “Early Jay-Z is up here. So, for me, lyrically it’s a different kind of conversation. But, I guess if it’s just technically rapping, making words rhyme, metaphor here, metaphor here, it’s cool. For me, technically it’s good, beats are good, everything is good, it’s fresh. But to me, the substance is just terrible. 97% of Hip Hop is terrible.” 

The video can be seen below. 

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