Slaughterhouse recently sat down for the third installment of their interview series with Fuse. During the interview, the Voltron crew answered who they thought Eminem thought was the group’s most annoying member. All four jokingly concurred that it was most likely Em’s Bad Meets Evil partner Royce Da 5’9″, who explained that he and Em have a older brother -younger brother relationship.

“We know who [Em] said [was the most annoying]: Royce,” responded Joe.

“I don’t know [why I’m the most annoying], that’s probably a Marshall question,” he said. “I would have to think, I guess he’s like the big brother, and I’m like the irritating little brother that’s always stealing his stuff. Like, I went to the studio yesterday and stole like five G-Shock watches ‘cus they was just there.”

Slaughterhouse also discussed the finer aspects of strip club cuisine. While all agreed that Joe Budden was the most likely member of the group that would actually seek out a strip club for food, they added that most strip club food actually gets an unfairly bad rep.

“If you’re saying food and not buying anything else in the strip club, then yeah, you’re talking about [Joe],” Royce said. “But if you’re just talking about going to the strip club and eating, you’re gonna have to include all of us. Strip club food is great, con tray to popular belief.”

“The chefs got some incentive back there,” added Crooked I.

Check out the full interview below to see which members are willing to take Eminem on in a rap battle.

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