Weeks before the release of his debut album Lace Up and Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly is finally giving up the details when it comes to the guest appearances featured on his Bad Boy debut.

The 22-year-old rapper spoke exclusively with Vlad TV as he revealed that Bun B, Twista, Tech N9ne, and DMX are all featured on the album.

“I got legends on there. DMX. Me, Tech N9ne and Twista on one track, the song everybody wanted to hear. Fuckin’ Eminem, I’m just playing. That would have been certified platinum…Bun B. Everyone’s really like legends,” said MGK.

The rapper also spoke on the “Lace Up” lifestyle that he and his fans have adopted and promised that no matter what the outcome of Lace Up may be he plans on being around for a “long, long time.”

Lace Up is the album name. It comes out in August. Lace Up is a lifestyle. Everything I stand for, it’s everything my fans stand for,” the rapper explained. “It’s tattooed on our bodies for life. It’s something I will never explain to the general public because it’s something beautiful that you have to discover for yourself. You have to find your own meaning in it. But the album is definitely one of the best albums of the decade and will be a problem at The Grammy’s 100 percent. Regardless if my singles haven’t taken off the way that we wanted them to it’s all a part of the journey because I believe that because I never caught that quick-winded hype I’ll be around for a long, long time.”

Lace Up is expected to be released this August.

[July 27]

UPDATE: Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that his debut Lace Up is scheduled for release on October 9th. The album can currently be pre-ordered on mgkaceup.com.

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