It’s a well-worn cliche that all relationships have their ups and downs, but Game and his fiancee are a stark example.

TMZ reports that a week after Game announced via Twitter that he and fiancee Tiffney Cambridge were no longer getting married, the couple is back together.

Game and Cambridge will be wed in August, according to sources. Additionally, the reality show based on the couple’s trek towards tying the knot has resumed.

Last week Game took to Twitter, explaining that it was his fault that the wedding was canceled. At first, he didn’t go into details, but the next day, he provided some insight:

Cambridge is the mother of Game’s two youngest children.

[July 26]

UPDATE: Game recently spoke with TMZ, explaining that the venue changes cost him $100,000. “Yeah, we lost about $100,000 in the venue change, but it’s all good. I got long paper,” he said.

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