Last weekend, Game and his associates reportedly attacked 40 Glocc during a party at a Los Angeles, California mansion. Glocc later said that Game chased him down with a pistol but he talked him down from using it.

Calling in separately last night to Cosmic Kev, the sparring rappers explained their sides of the story. Game was first to dial in, stating that Glocc’s behavior is what put him in this position. “This is the guy who ran up on Weezy with 40 guys pulling out guns, you know? This is the guy who ran up on Plies at Jamie Foxx’s video shoot with 40 guys you know? This is the same guy with five or 10 guys with him at the pool party, I don’t know. They all disappeared, he ended up by himself. That’s how it happens when you’re rolling with suckers.”

Game further explained that he ran up on Glocc in the driveway of the mansion, and that he slugged him several times.

40 Glocc was next to phone Cosmic Kev, stating that the footage that was previously released was edited to make the situation look a certain way. “I got jumped three, four times. I say three, cause the other one was him trying to pistol whip me and him missing,” he said. “Any footage you see of me with my hat off, it’s all edited. All of it started with guns drawn on me from the back. I had to dip and run and they had to chase me down with the pistols.”

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