The argument between Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco has been ongoing since the release of Fiasco’s “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” earlier this year. The two have made public statements on the matter and have discussed their differences. Recently, Lupe Fiasco revisited this discussion over the “T.R.OY.” issue. 

“The record just came out and he hadn’t heard it,” Lupe explained to Funkmaster Flex about Pete Rock’s qualms with the song, before explaining his respect for the original track. “I didn’t want to remake ‘T.R.O.Y.’ because I know what the song is about. Troy’s not my man. That’s your homie and I respect it…I’ll leave him to you.”  

Fiasco also explained his side of the issue.

“The way it was being pushed and the way it was being perceived, that’s not how it went down. Pete knows we reached out to him.” 

Lupe then shared what Pete Rock told him in a phone conversation.  

“He said on the phone, ‘If I recant, I’m gonna look crazy.’ Quote. So what? We’re just supposed to leave it like this? Nah. I’m not doing it. I rock with you but I can’t respect this because that’s not what happened.” 

Aside from his feud over the song, Lupe explained that he has been writing for the Chicago Sun Times every three weeks. 

“Now I’m writing for the Chicago Sun Times. I got a column. Right now it’s averaging every three weeks. It comes in the paper.”

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