The world was shocked and saddened when news broke that former PhD student James Eagan Holmes opened fire on a crowded movie theater during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, killing 12  people and injuring dozens more. Now, members of the Hip Hop community respond to the tragedy.

In the wake of yesterday’s events, rappers Ghostface Killah and Masta Ace reached out to the victims of the shooting and their families via Twitter to send their prayers and condolences. Producer Just Blaze took a harder line on the issue, hoping that the killer Holmes spend the rest of his life locked “under the jail.”

Not happy about the babies being lost. Toronto, Chicago, & Colorado!
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Incident in Colorado movie theater is crazy! And very sad. Pray for the victims and their families.
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Don’t believe in the death penalty. But put that dude in Colorado under the jail forever with nothing of the pics of those he killed.
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In related news, HipHopWired recently ran a report giving insight into the shooter Holmes’s unstable mindset. According to the story, one of Holmes’s neighbors recalls him responding to Lil Wayne song that she had been playing with a racist pejorative.

“[A]nother neighbor, Rachel Reed, 25, recalled seeing Holmes a number of times on the stoop, with his backpack,” reads the report. “A couple of months ago she ran into him at the Zephyr, where she had put a Lil Wayne rap song on the jukebox. Holmes disapproved, she said, preferring rock ‘n’ roll music. He came over and ‘made some racially charged comments about rap,’ she said.”

DX sends its prayers to the victims of the tragedy.

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