Crunchy Black was lucky to survive being shot in the face and leg earlier last week. Though details have yet to emerge, Crunchy has spoke on the matter immediately out of the hospital.

“You already know, I’m already in the studio, just trying to get some motherfucking songs done,” said the former Three Six Mafia member in an understandably muffled voice. “And just show [everyone] ain’t no stopping me.”

Crunchy was asked whether the shooting left him more motivated than before. “Every time I find out I got a new group of haters, it just helps me out a little more to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing. So yeah, it motivates me like a motherfucker.”

Crunchy maintained some humor about the situation. “Cause a nigga shot me in my jaw, hey man, you ain’t do nothin’ but make me look like Popeye eating some spinach.”

As for what people could learn from the situation, Crunchy offered, “Just know the devil is alive, and God is real. If you ain’t gave God your life, you probably need to, cause shit, this is a testimony on the side of my face.”

Watch the interview below:


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