Crunchy Black’s new album
is out, but he ain’t havin’ it. According to various reports, this album was
released without his permission, comprised of music he made when he was still
down with Three 6 Mafia. (Sorry…I meant, the Oscar Award
winning Three 6 Mafia.) Nevertheless, the album is being
released – much to his dismay.

With track titles like “Suck on the Straw,” “I Play Bitches,” and “Snitchin’ Azz Bitches,”
the album certainly does not boast incredible creativity or versatility. Don’t
expect much in those departments. The various repetitive, recycled hooks over
high energy beats do nothing for Crunchy‘s appeal as the
formula merely plays off Three 6‘s success
but that gets old quick.

How much effort did Crunchy really put into writing this?

“Suck on the straw bitch! Suck on the straw! Suck on the straw bitch! Suck
on the straw!”

Later, his nursery rhyme style flow takes even more away from the album. When
he shines with melody-filled verses, it is still somewhat devalued by the
absurd redundant nature of his lyrics. Crime, bitches, and lavish objects are
what the album is about and that isn’t all bad if you’re into that because that
actually goes on for 16 tracks. (In reality, there are only eleven songs and five
bonus cuts, which are screwed remix tracks.)

I can’t say there is absolutely nothing good about the album, but it’s hard to
find the positive aspects of it with so many negatives present. While the
topics he chooses are cliché, there are some rappers who speak on the same
topics with skill and sometimes originality. Here, we get little skill and even
less originality. While Crunchy may be claiming that this was
released without his approval, he still penned and recorded these verses so he
can’t truly get away from it. If he is actually against the release, he won’t
be the only one. If this is his gift to us, I hope he included the receipt.