Earlier this week, Trae Tha Truth was shot outside of a south Houston strip club, making him one of two people to survive the melee that took three lives. During an interview with XXLMag.com, Trae explained what happened outside of Scores Cabaret, stating that he got caught up in a crowd where the shooters were open firing.

“I’m not sure exactly what the altercation was necessarily about, but long story short, whatever transpired, they ran in my direction, so in the process of running in my direction, that kind of had everybody in the open,” he said. “So as the altercation came my way, shots were being dispersed, but since it was coming our direction, it was a crowd of people. Everybody was wrong place, wrong time.”

Trae said that one of the three who were murdered was part of his ABN family was his slain brother’s nephew, and another was up-and-coming rapper Cal Wayne. He updated on his condition, stating that he still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder but doctors are trying to get it removed.

“As far as my condition, I’m in the healing process, tryin’ to figure out how to get this bullet removed,” he said. “The bullet’s still in my shoulder. They changing bandages now and it’s still bleeding.”

Read the full interview at XXLMag.com.

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