Lil Wayne recently explained that his decision to pull Nicki Minaj from Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert hours before her performance had to do with respecting women.

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, who insulted Minaj by referring to her single “Starships” as “bullshit,” quickly responded to Wayne’s explanation – and he remains unconvinced. 

“Lil Wayne thinks that I don’t show respect for women,” said Rosenberg on the radio. “Wayne is right about something—Women are mothers, are sisters, are daughters. But I have a question. Is me giving my opinion that one song is wack, is that showing a lack of respect for women?”

Rosenberg went on to play a slew of misogynistic lyrics from Wayne, including “6 Foot, 7 Foot,” where Wayne opines, “hoes gon’ be hoes.”

The Hot 97 personality also questioned Nicki Minaj’s dedication to respect for women, playing a clip of the song “Stupid Hoe.”

“Weezy F. – the ‘F’ doesn’t stand for feminist, alright,” said Rosenberg.

Peter Rosenberg then suggested that Young Money come and speak to Hot 97 in person. “Instead of talking to everyone else about Hot 97, how about…Young Money just come on down and come see us and talk to us?”

“Oh, that’s because then they’d have to hear the truth. And they can’t handle the truth.”

Watch the segment below:


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