In little over a month, Nas will drop his highly anticipated tenth album Life is Good and listeners’ excitement for its release is at a fever pitch. Now, in a recent interview with the.LIFE Files, the legendary Queensbridge rhymer discusses one of its single “The Don” and the surprising cameo appearance featured in the song’s video.

Nas said that for the video, he wanted to bring in former manager Steve Stoute for a special appearance as a tribute to their friendship. He explained that while their relationship has had its fair share of turmoil over the years, the two share a host of stories and bond that can’t be broken.

“I called Steve [for the video]. Me and Steve go back – we had some of the greatest times in the time we [worked] together, some of the best times,” he said. “We have a friendship that’s really interesting, man. It’s had its ups and downs and all kinds of amazing stories…I think we’re both proud of each other and we both get each other. We came in the game together, so it was only right to do ‘The Don’ thing [with Steve]. Steve has a certain lifestyle that me and him both kinda share; we like a lot of the same things, so we were in catch and having some good bottles of wine and chilling. And that’s what we do.”

Check out the full interview to find out Nas’s wine recommendations.

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