It’s been two days since Hot 97 hosted its annual Summer Jam concert, and the Hip Hop world is still reacting to controversy surrounding Nicki Minaj cancelling her headlining performance after on-air personality Peter Rosenberg trashed her single “Starships.” Now, amidst the turmoil, one of Hot 97’s senior DJs Angie Martinez weighs in on the situation.

Angie explained that her fellow Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex perfectly summed up the scenario when he said that, “We are at fault too and you guys are at fault too…egos were involved. Not just my ego. Your ego, [Lil] Wayne’s ego, Ebro [Darden, program director]’s ego…everybody’s wrong here.” She even added that while she felt Rosenberg’s comment wasn’t appropriate given the circumstance, Nicki and the whole YMCMB’s response was blown out of proportion.

“When [Flex] said that last night, I was like, ‘And good night!’ Grand opening, grand closing,” she joked. “At some point, somebody could’ve stopped this. Behind the scenes, things happen all the time – it’s the truth. Labels argue with the station, we argue with the artists, we kiss, we make up. We all are just trying to do our jobs…and provide for the listeners, the artists are trying to make music – we’re trying to work together. Sometimes, we have disagreements. Most of the time, they get resolved; this did not get resolved. It happened in the middle of Summer Jam when Ebro is dealing with a hundred artists [and] a million backstage passes.”

She continued, “I’m sure Nicki felt [disrespected] about [what Rosenberg said]…[Rosenberg] probably didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal, I think he was just in the zone. In my personal opinion, maybe not the best time to have said that when she’s coming to the building…but I still think they should have performed. It wasn’t that serious, and honestly, they probably would’ve resolved it if everybody had just calmed down.”

Check out the full commentary over at Angie’s website.

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