GQ magazine covers its fair share of Hip Hop artists. You can currently find a brief profile on Waka Flocka Flame in the June 2012 issue. But, Jim Nelson, the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief found himself unexpectedly covering G. Dep’s recent murder confession after he served on the jury that convicted the former Bad Boy Records rapper. In his monthly “Letter from the editor” column, Nelson joked that he was hoping to avoid jury duty writing, “I said a prayer to baby Jesus the night before, asking him to please use his baby Jesus powers and to please Lord not let them pick me like they always do.”

G. Dep, whose real name is Trevell Coleman, confessed to the 1993 murder of John Henkel. The rapper reportedly confessed to the killing on at least two occasions—with one confession happening in a NYPD precinct where he waived his Miranda rights. After being sentenced to 15-years-to-life by a jury of Nelson and 11 of his peers, Coleman told MTV he thanked “everyone involved with the case.” And, at least to some degree, it would appear the feeling is somewhat mutual.

“We found him guilty, because he was, and no one’s excusing anything,” Nelson wrote. “Still it’s a heavy feeling: I helped put him away, and yet when I think of someone who did his duty, I think of Trevell Coleman.”

Nelson’s full letter is available at

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