Emcee-turned-actor Will Smith (f/k/a The Fresh Prince) is presently on a press campaign for the third film in the Men In Black franchise. During a Moscow, Russia red carpet gala this week, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native was unexpectedly kissed on the mouth by Ukrainian prankster-reporter Vitalii Sediuk. Smith reacted with by shoving Sediuk, asking, “Come on, man. What the hell is your problem?” followed by a small smack on the man’s face.

TMZ.com has video footage of the event posted below, where Smith explains his actions moments later. “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker-punch him. Oops, sorry, I said that on camera,” Smith said with a smile.

(May 20)

UPDATE: In an interview with Late Show host David Letterman, Will Smith addressed this weekend’s kiss-turned-slap. “It’s just awkward, Dave!” said Will, playing to the a laughing audience. Smith explained that Vitalii Sediuk’s camp apologized to the actor, saying, “‘Oh no, no. We’re sorry. It’s just his shtick.’,” according to Will. “And I said, ‘Well, that’s why his ass got schtuck.'”

The video is below:

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