Back in August, 1500 or Nothin’s Mars revealed that he was working with Will Smith on a comeback project. Now, DJ Jazzy Jeff is making similar claims, telling that he’s working with the Fresh Prince on cooking up some new msuic.

“He came down like two weeks ago and was like, ‘Yo, I wanna get back into the studio, and we just knocked out some stuff,” he said. “I just think more than anything there is no set pattern, no set plan, but we just wanna go into the studio and see what we come out with. If I can get it back to the way we used to make music, you know, it used to be just me and him in the room. You don’t need no entourages and cameras and all of that and see what happens. He hasn’t decided exactly what he wants to do.”

Even though Smith has refocused his energies into his Hollywood career, Jeff assures that he hasn’t turned his back on his initial platform. “Will has never not wanted to do music,” he continued. “When you’re pretty much the biggest movie star in the world, the movie people don’t want you to do music ’cause you ain’t making $50 million off of making music. From a financial perspective, movies is where it’s at. And it’s not like his heart is not in the movies, but he’s always wanted to do some level of music.”

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