Sacramento, California veteran emcee C-Bo is back in prison this week. The former Tupac Shakur associate and founder of West Coast Mafia Records tweeted to fans earlier this week that he would be incarcerated as of May 18, and launched a #FreeCboTheMobFather Twitter campaign.

C-Bo’s management provided information to HipHopDX indicating that Bo turned himself in for an existing warrant, and will be serving approximately a one-year-sentence. In of last year, C-Bo was on trial in a Kansas court relating to a July, 2011 arrest for distributing marijuana, money laundering, conspiracy as to both crimes, and interstate transportation in aid of racketeering. Although management would not indicate which charges C-Bo was found guilty of, this is the trial believed to be associated with the rapper’s present incarceration.

In 1998, C-Bo was famously sent to jail for a parole violation, stemming from anti-police lyrics breaking a legal agreement. In 2010, the rapper recalled the incident to HipHopDX, saying “I went through that. It’s already in the book. It’s already written. That can never be an issue, it’s a First Amendment right. They already tried me. They can’t try nobody else, ’cause it’s already been done.” In 2012, lyrics were used in Lil Boosie’s murder trial. The rapper was later found not guilty.

In February of this year, Bo released Cali Connection, a project featuring Young Buck and The Outlawz. Buck, who once signed C-Bo to his Cashville imprint in the mid-’00s, was also sentenced to two months this week for unspecified charges.

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