Back in February, Detroit born singer/actress Teairra Mari took aim at fellow Detroit native Yung Berg after Berg aired out her dating history live with TheIs50’s Young Jack Thriller. Now, Berg and Thriller sit down once again to speak of Mari’s comments that she would “get his ass jumped again” the next time he visits  their hometown.

Berg laughed off Mari’s insults, saying, “I’ve been called worse by better people.” Furthermore, he said that he stands by what he said about her allegedly hitting on him at a show while she was dating Ray J, but that he’s not sweating her anger.

“On the Teairra situation, first and foremost, I did the interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ in 2011, and I left that in 2011,” he said. “After I did the interview, I called Ray J and I said, ‘Yo, this is what I talked about in my interview,’ because I spoke candidly about our relationship and I felt my loyalty is to Ray; it’s not nowhere near to Teairra. I don’t even know her like that, and at the end of the day, why are we gonna go back and forth about [how] you tired to holla at me…you know what you did…I’ve got bigger things to worry about than being trivial over some pussy, especially when there’s so much pussy out there. I’ve been called worse by better people than her.”

Check out the full interview below.

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