Over the past year, the TDE movement has become stronger than ever, with signees Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q releasing critically acclaimed projects. With Ab-Soul’s new release Control System releasing May 11th, K. Dot and Q spoke with MTV2’s Sucker Free and explained how the project will only further their notoriety.

“This stuff’s been in the making for years. About seven years, we’ve always had a vision for the movement. It’s not just about a hit record, it’s not just about one artist. It’s about a movement that people believe in, and they believe in us right now as they should, TDE,” said Kendrick. Q added, “We all one, we all bring the same thing to the table: hard work and dedication. That’s all we trying to do, we want to be the best.”

They acknowledged that their releases set the bar higher for other artists on the imprint, but that they encourage each other to do their best through competition.



“Soul, he’s not going to come with a trash project after Habits & Contradictions. It’s impossible. We wouldn’t even let him put it out,” said Q.

“May 11th, Control System, Ab-Soul. Once you get that piece, you’ll really understand this TDE thing,” said Kendrick. “Then, you might be fortunate to get the Black Hippy that everything’s talking about. That’s our prized possession, that’s our baby. We have fun with that, and I don’t know. Once you throw the music out, people start putting the numbers behind it. We want that to be organic… We got music, though. A lot of music.”

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