Producer Noah “40” Shebib recently spoke with about his struggle with multiple sclerosis, explaining how he discovered his affliction during his 20s.

The musician, who has worked with Drake from when his career skyrocketed, said that he woke up one day and his body temperature was off, making him realize that something was wrong.

“I woke up one day and all the temperature in my body was distorted. The sense of hot or cold and what that meant to my brain was a very confusing thing,” he said. “For your body to understand what’s going on, you go through a little bit of shock.”

Shebib is now involved in a campaign for multiple sclerosis outside of his music career, but acknowledges the hardships that come with his diagnosis.

“I think the biggest struggles anybody with MS has is trying to define it to people and explain how it manifests itself. This morning, for instance, I had to lie on my bed to get my socks on because I couldn’t bend over.”

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