This week was surprising to say the very least. The top track features an unlikely duo, a song we’ve been waiting for finally hit the ground running, and then a whole bunch of other songs happened. The interesting thing is that while several new songs arrived this week, many songs have remained the same. Others re-entered the list. Either way, it was a big week, and as artists continue to schedule new albums, the weeks will only get bigger.

Taylor Swift Is Number One, Kanye West Is Number Two

Consider this sweet revenge for Taylor Swift. Her song with B.o.B. “Both Of Us” not only reached the charts this week, but it beat Kanye West’s “Theraflu.” Yeezy’s song has become a staple on the list since it came out, but it was no match for the Swift. So,”Both Of Us” is #1, “Theraflu” is #2. Another repeat offender? Kendrick Lamar. His track with Dr. Dre, “The Recipe,” reached #3 this week, inching out Chris Brown, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa’s “Til I Die” at #4, and the man with the cult following Hopsin at #5 with “West Coast Eclipse.” Peep the diversity in the Top 5 songs. Gotta love Hip Hop.

Dr. Luke, Hit Boy, Just Blaze, and Lex Luger Rep For the Producers

There were some A-List producers on the list this week, starting with the top track. Pop superproducer Dr. Luke rocked “Both Of Us.” Meanwhile, Hit Boy crafted “Theraflu” and Scoop Deville came with “The Recipe.” At #6 we got the shock of our lives when Jay Electronica finally released the full version of “Dead Moleskine” produced by none other than Just Blaze. Back on the list was Nas at #8 with “The Don.” His track was produced by The Internz, Salaam Remi, and the late Heavy D. Then at #10 we had the Game, Fabolous, Slim Thug and Eric Bellinger on the Lex Luger-produced “Death Penalty.” So while some of our favorite rappers showed up to the party, they brought out some top producers as well.

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 4/9/2012

1. B.o.B. f. Taylor Swift – Both Of Us [Prod. Dr. Luke]

2. Kanye West f. DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris – Theraflu [Prod. Hit Boy]

3. Kendrick Lamar f. Dr. Dre – The Recipe [Prod. Scoop Deville]

4. Chris Brown f. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa – Til I Die

5. Hopsin – West Coast Eclipse

6. Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskine [Prod. Just Blaze]

7. Big K.R.I.T. – Side Line

8. Nas – The Don [Heavy D, Salaam Remi & Da Internz]

9. Game f. Snoop Dogg & Pharrell – Roll My Shit

10. Game f. Fabolous, Slim Thug & Eric Bellinger – Death Penalty [Prod. Lex Luger]


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