David Banner’s next album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games, will be funded by his fans – or so he hopes.

“I have one of the dopest albums that’s gonna come out this year, period,” said the rapper in an interview with forbes.com. “We’re going to show you how dope this album is by every two weeks dropping a new single … By the time the fans get to May 22, they’re [going to be] like, ‘Damn, this is worth at least a dollar, but we may give him $100 on the effort!’”

Banner is asking fans to donate what the can via his website, davidbanner.com.

But unlike Public Enemy and Ras Kass, who solicited donations to record projects, Banner’s project will be released regardless of whether he meets his goal or not.

The album drops as soon as Banner reaches his goal of 2 million donations or on May 22, whichever comes first.

Sex, Drugs & Video Games, which features Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and more, has a production budget of $500,000.

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