Jury selection is set to begin on Monday (April 8) for rapper G. Dep’s murder trial.

According to CBS News, G. Dep, whose real name is Trevell Gerald Coleman, is headed for trial for shooting a stranger while attempting to mug him in 1993. It’s a crime to which he confessed in December 2010.

G. Dep already turned down a plea deal that would have given him 15 years to life in prison. His lawyers suggested that Dep might argue that years of PCP use influenced his confession.

“Conscience drove him to do something. … He thinks he did the right thing,” said defense lawyer Anthony L. Ricco this past winter. “There’s a lot of people who think he’s a fool for doing this. He doesn’t think he’s a fool. […] He says this has been like a blessing. It’s saved his life.”

G. Dep faces 25 years to life behind bars if convicted. He is currently being held without bail and has pleaded not guilty.

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