Nas is back in grind mode for his upcoming album Life is Good, most recently releasing his new single “The Don.” During an interview with MTV News, Esco explained that his new LP takes his sound outside of the box, touting production that takes him outside of his comfort zone. 

“A lot of the tracks have been my ideas where I would take an idea from one of the guys that I’m working with and try to put it together with a different sound that I had in my head with someone else, and just try to get people to collaborate who are not really used to working together, to get something different from me,” he said.

He also explained the importance of this album and how he needed to live a little before heading back into the studio. The project, which production duo Da Internz likened to It Was Written, will showcase “everything that I’ve got to say.”

“This album, it’s been a long time, it’s been years since I released a solo studio album, so this record is everything,” he continued. “This is everything that I’ve got to say – I guess you’ve got to live a little sometimes and put that in your music, and it’s coming from my life.”

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