Earlier this week, Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex took to the airwaves to proclaim his dominance in the Hip Hop radio game, and to claim that he intercepted an email intended for DJ Clue’s radio show, containing Nicki Minaj’s latest song, “Beez in the Trap. On Friday (March 23) Clue responded on Power 105 with a rant, courtesy of RapRadar.

“Gotta address this clown… actually, where I would come from, we call him a ho. He a ho,” said Clue in response to Flex. “That’s what hoes do. They bitch and moan, and they make excuses for why you number two. And you number two because, basically, you’re tied for the number two spot. The station you’re tied with bills way more money than you do. …So really, you came in number three, buddy!”

Clue explained that Funk Flex was, in fact, threatening not to play labels’ artists. “Because you’re spending ninety-nine percent of your day worrying about what I’m doing, you’re calling labels, telling them, ‘Look, I’m not gonna play you artist’s record if you don’t give it to me first. If you give it to Clue, your artist is not allowed on the station and we’re gonna drop all your records.'”

“Stop calling club owners, telling them, ‘I’ll do parties for free.’ C’mon, man, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’re doing parties for five hundred dollars, or you’re doing them for free!”

Clue and Flex’s beef goes back some time, with the two dissing one another on Twitter in 2010.

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