Shortly after the release of his Untitled EP, Hodgy Beats is looking forward to his next project, Odd Future’s OF Tape Vol. 2.

In an interview with East Village Radio, the Odd Future member discussed the much-anticipated project. “Yeah, March 20. OF Tape. Shit, man. It’s different recording and shit without Earl. Niggas did they thing on every song.”

The young emcee also addressed why some music fans may not relate to the group’s sound. “And if you don’t like a song, maybe it’s because it’s a little out of your style or you don’t understand it…It’s really just us coming together. It’s all unity. Ain’t no gimmick. Just out here motherfuckin’ makin’ music and doing what we want to do.”

After broaching the topic of Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy declined to provide much detail, but did confirm his cohort’s return. “Earl back,” confirmed Hodgy. “I’d rather not really speak on it, but Earl back.”

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