Atlanta producer Bangladesh made headlines back in 2010 when he called out Cash Money Records for their refusal to pay him for his production work on Tha Carter III single “A Milli.” Fast-forward almost two years after Bangladesh made his comments about Cash Money and Lil Wayne and the producer is back at work with the label.

Bangladesh plans on releasing a production album in the near future and one of the artists that will be featured on the project is Cash Money Records co-founder Baby.  

“Oh yeah, Baby is on my album. He’s on a song with me and 2 Chainz, it’s called ‘Phantom of the Opera,’” said Bangladesh in an interview with “It ain’t no issues. The issue was when the issue was raised. The issues got dealt [with]. You gotta get the attention raised, people be on the go too much they might not follow up with what they need to deal with. I was the only one campaigning about my bread, so it made me look like a G. I got everybody else paid, niggas was scared to talk about it. I got them paid. I see them and they thank me for getting them paid and being the one to speak up. I don’t regret anything that I did.”

On top of working on his production album, Bangladesh is also hard at work securing artists for his own record label Bangladesh Records. Among the artists the producer is eyeing for his label is former Disturbing Tha Peace member Shawnna.

“I’m about to sign Shawnna,” Bangladesh revealed. “I don’t know if you remember Shawnna from DTP. She’s one of the best lyricists that hasn’t really had nobody to pay attention to her, to give her production, and the energy that she needs. She’s gonna be the first official artist off the label.”

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